Immigration Expert: The System Failed in Boston and Keeps on Failing (Video)

“We have a bunch of holes in the bottom of our boat. They’re not plugging any of them and this one involves national security because we know that terrorists in the past have gamed the visa process.”

Michael Cutler, former special agent for INS, joined Megyn Kelly this afternoon to discuss what he believes is a failing system regarding immigrants and the student visa program. He believes the case of Azamat Tazhayakov, arrested for allegedly helping Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by disposing of possible evidence, illustrates this point.

Questions are being raised about the immigration status of Tazhayakov, whose student visa had reportedly been revoked on January 3 because he wasn’t going to class at UMass-Dartmouth, where Tsarnaev was also a student. He returned to Kazakhstan at some point after, and when he came back to the United States on January 20, he was still allowed to re-enter.

Cutler said there is a database that is supposed to be updated so that in this case, officials at the airport could have seen that Tazhayakov’s visa had been revoked.


Video and complete text linked here.

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