Fox confronts students, cop-killer professor Kathy Boudin at Columbia

“She’s shown no remorse for this crime and she’s using the college as a soap box to promote her mission to get her husband, who has a 75 year sentence, and other co-defendants out of jail,” he said.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters confronted convicted felon, cop-killer turned Ivy League professor Kathy Boudin on the campus of Columbia University Monday to ask why she has never reached out to the families of the victims murdered by her Weather Underground friends.

Boudin ducked, dodged and otherwise tried to get away from Watters as campus police attempted to throw the Fox News crew out, but she eventually stopped to give him a statement.

“I have nothing but regret for the suffering I caused and I’ve attempted to lead a life that would express that remorse and regret,” she said.

Boudin, 69, was a former member of the Weather Underground who served 22 years in prison for her part in a 1981 armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks security guard.

Watters said he doesn’t believe she is sorry at all because she has never contacted the victims’ families to express regret.

She did, however, give a speech recently where she didn’t mention the victims, but said she wished her currently imprisoned terrorist cohorts were out of jail with her.


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