Nugent fires up crowd on final day of NRA convention (Video)

“I noticed the protesters,” said Nugent during his speech. “And I notice this all the time, both of them,” he said to laughter from the NRA crowd.

As the final speaker at the National Rifle Association convention in downtown Houston, legendary guitarist and 2nd Amendment rock star Ted Nugent implored an enthusiastic crowd to increase NRA membership 20-fold as the “culture war” over guns continues.

“I want to show them how much we will fight for freedom,” he said as the crowd stood and cheered.

Nugent had just spent two hours signing autographs for the same fans who lined up by the hundreds just to shake his hand and thank him for aligning his 2nd Amendment beliefs with their own.

“We should be allowed to have arms, my goodness,” said Houstonian and NRA member Zeke Young. “That’s in the Constitution.”

Nugent, in a speech he has repeated consistently over the years, told his choir that the Constitution is the only document he needs to carry a gun concealed or not.

“And we don’t think anyone should be exempted because of political correctness or political pressure,” said NRA member Wilma Heckman, of Colorado, when asked about gun control measures recently voted down in Congress. “It is the heart that kills people, not guns.”


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