Tsarnaev Warning Came as Brennan Purged Material ‘Offensive’ to Muslims

Although law enforcement was lauded for quickly identifying and neutralizing both suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing last weekend, the FBI has much explaining to do over why now-deceased Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspects, managed to slip through the FBI’s fingers after two warnings from Russian intelligence two years ago that Tsarnaev was tied to “radical Islam.”

Of particular concern is that around the same time the FBI was informed about Tsarnaev, the Obama administration’s policies handling terrorism relating in any way to Islamic extremists changed.

PJ Media’s Patrick Poole noted in May, 2012 that the FBI training manual’s counter-terrorism lexicon made no mention of terrorism in regards to al Qaeda, Hamas, jihad, Islam, or the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The fact is religion has been expunged from counterterrorism training,” said counterterrorism specialist with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Sebastian Gorka to the Washington Times. He added, “The FBI can’t talk about Islam and they can’t talk about jihad.”

In October of 2011, an organization called “Muslim Advocates,” a group composed of fifty-seven Muslim advocacy groups from across the country, signed and sent a letter to high level Obama administration officials. They urged the administration to enact a widespread purge within law enforcement departments and agencies of any materials that could be deemed biased or discriminatory against Muslims.


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