Top Five: Media’s History of Falsely Blaming the Right for Mass-Murder

Once you understand that the media is a soulless left-wing propaganda machine determined to marginalize the right, everything they do makes sense. Those of you asking, “How can the media make the same mistakes over and over again?”, fail to understand that falsely speculating that the right is behind or at fault for mass murder is not a mistake on the media’s part, it is a political tactic.

Our craven corrupt media see tragedy — be it dead schoolchildren or theatre-goers — as a partisan political opportunity, not a time to come together and mourn until all the facts are known. Therefore, every mass-murder that captures the nation’s attention is and will continue to be used to scapegoat and smear the political right.

Which is why even when that smear blows up in the media’s face, the media doesn’t stop. Obviously, the media think the hit to their credibility is worth it — worth pushing, at every possible opportunity, The Narrative that the right is capable of such a thing.

1. Tucson Murders (2011): Within an hour of the senseless murder of six and wounding of 13 (including Congresswoman Gabby Giffords), the media was openly blaming Sarah Palin for instigating this crime — and would continue to do so for weeks.

2. Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting (2012): The same Friday morning news broke of a brutal slaying inside a Aurora, Colorado movie theatre, on ABC”s “Good Morning America,” investigative reporter Brian Ross speculated with George Stephanopoulos that a member of the Tea Party might be behind the shooting.


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