‘EU – empire destroying people’s freedom’ – Marine Le Pen

“Either you fight against Islamic fundamentalism, in which case it makes sense to fight in Mali, but it’s not normal to support the same terrorists in Libya and in Syria. We are now in a situation where our leaders are completely, in my opinion, insane! They fight on the side of terrorists in Libya and Syria and against the same terrorists in Mali, this is not coherent.”

European people are realizing that the EU is an empire that destroys their freedom and doesn’t protect them from economic, social or migratory difficulties, the leader of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen told RT.

Le Pen came third in the 2012 French presidential election with 18% of the vote, higher than expected. She is currently an MEP and believes it’s the best way to fight the system by being at the heart of it.

RT: We’re seeing a rise in nationalism, rise in pro-independence movements, those sentiments of wanting more sovereignty for their countries, do you think that this is a temporary trend because analysts are saying that this is just a reaction to political parties that are currently in power and a reaction to bad economy across Europe. So do you think that as a pendulum, it could well move away from groups like the Front National and back to the other side of the political spectrum?

Marine Le Pen: No I don’t think so at all. I think that first and foremost, there is a rejection of the European Union and its policies. European people are realizing that the European Union is an empire, a Soviet Union, that in fact is destroying their freedom and doesn’t protect them from economic, social or migratory difficulties. And I think that the increase in patriotism, to managing a country’s own affairs, to control of borders, whether it’s human, capital, or product flows is irreversible.


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