Senator Jeff Sessions: “The Best We’ve Got.”

Sessions also demanded more information from the USDA about non-citizens using the growing food stamp program. The Obama Administration has been remarkably fiendish with its program to “partner” with Mexico in order to “increase participation” in the use of food stamps by Mexican nationals residing in this country.

As the approaching Amnesty/ Immigration Surge beast bears down on America, Senator Jeff Sessions is stepping up his game. While many in the GOP seem to be fearfully hunkering down and parsing their words (lest the Open Borders media notice a tiny misstep), the Alabama Senator has been a one-man watchdog.

Consider his recent actions:

In January, Sessions called for ICE Director John Morton’s resignation because he was not implementing the law as the position requires. Sessions commented: “What purpose is served to pass new laws if the ones we have are ignored by the officials charged with enforcing them?” [Sen. Sessions calls for ICE Director Morton’s resignation: ‘No comprehensive immigration reform as long as he’s the person in charge’, By Caroline May, Daily Caller, January 29, 2013]

In mid-February, Sessions and David Vitter warned from the Senate floor that the new amnesty was shaping up to be an expanded replay of the 1986 law, noting that “for 30 or 40 years the American people have asked us to end the lawlessness” but “we’ve gone the opposite direction in a number of ways.”[Senators Caution Against 1986 Repeat On Amnesty, Video]

Senator Dave Vitter (R-La.) responded to a rhetorical question from Sessions about the history of immigration enforcement legislation:

No single major promise has been kept, whether it’s the fence, whether it’s the US-Visit program, whether it’s the overall promise of enforcement in 1986, none of those promises have been kept.


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