15-Year-Old Benji Backer Bullied by Teachers for His Conservative Values

Megyn Kelly reassured him that if he did incur such repercussions, he would come back on America Live and those people would be publicly shamed. “They can’t be doing this to 15-year-olds!” she said.

Fifteen-year-old Benji Backer says he was bullied for his conservative political beliefs, but by his teachers, not fellow students.

He revealed to Megyn Kelly that he was picked on so badly for his support of Governor Romney and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that he had to switch schools.

Benji recalled an incident during which his English teacher in Appleton, Wisconsin, berated him in front of the entire class, telling him that small business owners take off Fridays and summers, making claims that he worked harder than Benji’s father, and saying that as a teacher, he didn’t make enough money to provide for his family.

After the incident, Benji reported it to the school principal, who suggested he talk about his feelings with the teacher. When he did just that, the teacher told him, “Well, I do not give a s—.”

“It was something that totally shocked me; it took me aback,” he said.

He worries that other students might not be able to take such a stand, telling Megyn, “As a student it is scary to stand up to a teacher because they can judge you, they can view you in a completely different way. And they are ultimately in charge of your future.”

“I had the guts to do this because this isn’t about me, I will have negative repercussions because of this, but it’s about the other students across the country who are dealing with these same problems who need this to stop in the public school system.”


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