Video: Can’t grab guns while border on fire

“Do I think the border is secure?” asks Dr. Mike Vickers, a rancher from Falfurrias, Texas. “H— no!” Vickers continues later in the video, “My wife comes home from the grocery store and a woman’s head is in our front yard. Is this America? Or is this Iraq?”

America’s southern border is practically a war zone, as Mexican cartels wreak a reign of terror on both sides of the Rio Grande, claims the National Rifle Association – hardly the time for Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress to be restricting Americans’ rights to self-defense.

In a new video featuring testimony from sheriffs and ranchers along the southern border, NRA President Wayne LaPierre warns the gun-control agenda of America’s left doesn’t just threaten the Second Amendment right to bear arms, but also threatens the country’s national security.

“Everything we love about America all the freedoms our forefathers fought for, all of it, is under attack by Barack Obama,” LaPierre claims in the video, “but the media won’t tell you that or show you the story you’re about to see.”

What follows is a graphic illustration of the level of violence Mexican drug cartels are pouring out on all who oppose them, including murder, torture, beheadings and more.

“This violence, it’s not just coming here,” Pinal County, Ariz., Sheriff Paul Babeu told a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, “it’s here.”


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