Latino crime gang in England jailed for Asian gold thefts

The gang raided two homes in Northampton on November 12, last year, targeting Asian families in Wisely Road, in Blackymore, and Sparton Close, in Wootton. They also raided homes in Reading, Leicester, Watford, Swindon and Southampton.

Three burglars who preyed on Asian families in Northampton last year stealing valuable gold jewellery have been jailed for almost 15 years.

The men, one from Columbia and two from Mexico, targeted two Asian homes in Northampton in November by lying in wait until the families had left for the day. They then broke in and looted the houses for gold and jewellery.

The court heard they raided 13 Asian families up and down the country, by breaking in during the day and often ransacking their bedrooms.

The three men, who spoke no English, ignored high-value electrical items and instead searched the houses for gold and jewellery, often worth tens of thousands of pounds.

They targeted Asian homes because they knew valuable jewellery could be found.

The men stole valuables handed down from generation to generation and given to couples to mark their dowry or wedding day. In one break-in the burglars stole gold belonging to the victim’s dead wife.

In total, they stole gold and jewellery worth £73,000.


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