Envoy: Street Harassment (Video) – France

Street harassment. A reporter filmed his travels in the streets and the Parisian transport. She has recorded verbal and sexual.

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Robert Ménard reaction on his blog : “In the Camp Dupont Lajoie”

Returning to the controversy surrounding the documentary “Street Harassment”, filmed with a hidden camera by a young film student Belgian Sofie Peeters. Through the streets of Annessens, a neighborhood “popular” in Brussels, it shows in all their crudity the “sexist thoughts and indecent men crossed the street.” The “nice ass”, “fucking good”, “the hotel bed, you know: direct” to the “bitch”, “whore”, “bitch” is everything, especially the more sordid. Healthy denunciation of “machismo” as feminists.

And they are right. Except that “the district modestly called” popular “is populated by a large majority of North African immigrants. But say, it seems, would be racist. As it is racist, France, to observe that, in cities with a high concentration immigrant status of women tends to decline, “says with a healthy insolence, Elizabeth Levy on the site talker.

via the Observatory Islamization

Addendum August 3, 2012: Street Harassment soon punished?

After the release of the film Sophie Peeters, Alderman (Deputy Mayor) PS Brussels Philippe Close has called for sanctions against those responsible for harassment rue.La France Will also react since a debate has started on Twitter?

His mini-movie was a graduation project, but it became much more than that. Sophie Peeters updated daily lives of women who are verbally assaulted in the street with degrading words or insulting spoken by men who cross. A reality that goes beyond his experience it, and beyond the Belgian capital. A well-known situation of the female, but that seems to be a revelation to men as well as the authorities.


Complete text linked here (In original French).

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