Woo-hoo! State OK’s teachers with guns by Ted Nugent

It isn’t just anti-gun leftist policies that have enabled thugs to breed and prosper. The violence on America’s streets is the result of a number of other leftist big-government policies that have worked to destroy families and entire communities by discouraging accountability and rewarding dangerous behavior.

If you are addicted to common sense and logic, South Dakota should bring a smile to your face.

These sensible Americans just passed a law allowing teachers to carry weapons in school as a means to protect their students from terminal psychos hell-bent on committing mass murder.

This is good and further proof that all is not lost.

Allowing teachers to chose to carry a concealed weapon is the right way to go. While the NRA and common-sense Americans support putting armed guards in schools, for those districts who can’t afford an armed guard, allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon is sound and wise policy.

The hand-wringing lefties are already protesting South Dakota’s law. They are claiming arming teachers will lead to accidental shootings and will make schools more dangerous.

As usual, they are wrong and hypocrites of the first degree. The D.C. school where the president’s daughters attend reportedly has 11 armed guards. Hey, if it’s good enough for the president’s kids, why isn’t it good enough for all schools?


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