Report: Minorities in US Will Outnumber Whites in 30 Years

The report also found that nearly 35% of Hispanic babies are born into poverty, and the challenge for Republicans will be to convince minorities that conservative policies can best lift them out of poverty while not pandering to these various communities.

An Associated Press demographics study found that white Americans, who currently comprise 63% of the U.S. population, are projected to peak at 200 million people in 2024 and drop below 50% of the country’s population by 2043.

Since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, about 650,000 immigrants a year have come from Latin America and Asia, which surpasses the influx of European immigrants from 1820-1920.

The changing face of America will have many political ramifications, as has been seen in the current debates over amnesty, immigration reform, affirmative action, and government spending.

The study found that more U.S. babies are now born to minorities than whites, and more than 45% of students in the nation’s elementary schools are minorities. In five years, the number of minorities in elementary schools nationwide will surpass 50%.

In addition, while Washington, D.C., Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and Texas now have minority populations greater than 50 percent, the study found that eight more states–Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York–will join this list by 2020.


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