Have we swapped independence for entitlements?

A few weeks ago Berlusconi of Italy was re-elected to office after he had promised all who voted for him that they would have their 2012 taxes returned to them.

He is of course what we would charitably call a ‘populist.’ The very fact that he was re-elected to office points to a common failing within the system that we think of as being democratic.

It is not just Italy that exhibits such a failing, because it should be very clear that here in Britain we have elected government after government who have promised ‘things’ in order to get the people to vote for their program.

The most common thing that is promised is of course getting stuff ‘free of charge’, or something for nothing. Patriots, I want you to all pay close attention here because I am going to divulge a great truth:

NOTHING is free in this world and everything must eventually be paid for by someone. Prime Minister Brown’s government told the people of Britain that he had a solution for the country’s economic woes and he coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing’.

This too was a variation on the theme of getting something for nothing in that what he was actually doing was creating ‘money’ out of thin air in order to pay our debts.

So then, WHO in this instance eventually pays for Brown’s action? The answer of course is that we will all pay by having a reduced standard of living, which is now being induced by our watered-down currency.


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