France deserts the sinking ship of Europe

Le Pen proposed a specific date for the referendum – January of 2014. Why this date? The choice is clear, as in January of 2014 the next elections to the European Parliament will be held, and this is when France should express its will to withdraw from the EU.

A few days ago the news emerged that France might be preparing to leave the EU. Marine Le Pen, head of “National Front” party, argues that France has no future in the EU, and if the country wants to develop further, it should seriously consider the option of self-navigation. Is this the case and what could France expect if it is no longer a member of the EU?

French Party “National Front” and its leader Marine Le Pen boldly declared their decision to withdraw France from the European Union. French policy has changed dramatically over the last few years. “National Front” is a party with 40 years of experience, and over this time its views have undergone radical changes. Why such a dramatic change in attitude and ideology in “National Front”?

Le Pen believes that, above all, the political and economic situation in the world has changed, and the country has entered an era of globalization, which, in turn, led to a drastic change in “National Front,” one of the few parties that managed to perfectly adapt to the global environment. The party leader said that 25 years ago “National Front” was known as a strictly liberal party that did not share opposing political views.


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