Ann Coulter Explains Immigration Enforcement to Sean Hannity

“Since Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, something like 80% of legal aliens to America have come from third world countries, they go on government assistance at a much higher rate than native born – we ought to take care of our native born, here.” Ann Coulter

It’s somewhat worrying when smart conservatives like Ann Coulter use the word “first” when talking about immigration enforcement, implying the nation should have border security “first” before awarding amnesty to millions of foreign lawbreakers.

That usage is confusing. In a January column titled Rubio’s Amnesty: A Path to Oblivion for the GOP, Coulter cleverly called the Florida Senator’s scheme “a wolf in wolf’s clothing.”

The good news is how Coulter repeatedly emphasized that Legalization occurs immediately in Rubio’s plan and confers all the goodies that illegals came here to grab, namely unlimited access to jobs and no deportation.


Legalization IS amnesty.

Here are some relevant snippets from Coulter:

“[Rubio’s] step one is legalize the illegals, then we demand enforcement. . . Instantly they are here legally, that’s a crucial point. . . Step one is illegal immigrants are legal; that can’t be step one. . .

But it really has to be enforcement first, it really can’t be legalize them first and then act as if the one thing they want is citizenship. No, they want to live here legally and that allows them to collect government assistance. . .

Not granting them amnesty — that’s a common sense solution, and enforcing e-Verify and building a wall.”


Complete text linked here.

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