Spanish police arrest 33 suspected gang members

This is the second blow to such groups, as last week police detained around 30 youths in Barcelona in an operation against a narco-trafficking gang called the Black Dominican Panthers.

Spanish police on Feb. 26 detained 33 youths, including 13 minors, suspected of belonging to two different Latin American street gangs in the Spanish capital.

Twenty-two of the suspects allegedly are members of the Bloods, which have established a presence in Spain in recent years. The other 11 suspects allegedly are members of the Dominican Don’t Play gang and allegedly participated in the beating of a minor leaving him with serious injuries to his legs and one arm, Spanish police said in a prepared statement.

“With these operations, investigators have given a significant blow against Latino gangs operating in the Spanish capital,” the statement said.

Police seized machetes, knives, screwdrivers and baseball bats embedded with dozens of nails during searches of the suspects’ homes.

The suspects include Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadoran, Spanish and Dominican nationals.


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