Chicago solution: More cages for gangstas by Ted Nugent

“Let’s cut to the chase. The violent gangstas are damaged beyond repair. They cannot be rehabilitated. They don’t respect your life or their own lives. They have been programmed to a life of violence. Putting them in a cage for the remainder of their lives is the best solution, short of being eliminated by their next gun-toting victim.” Ted Nugent

Ever the community organizer, President Obama was recently back home in Chicago promoting his gun-ban proposals.

The president also spoke about the need for stronger families and lamented that his father flew the coop when Mr. Obama was just 2 years old.

No doubt, the issue of how to reduce violence is a complicated one. Liberals believe that taking guns away is a foundational platform for reducing violence and making America’s communities safe and strong.

Anti-gunners are wrong, and Chicago is proof. The Windy City requires gun owners to be fingerprinted, pass a background check and a training class, and pay a hefty tax that is often times higher than the price of the gun.

Since 1972, in order to purchase any gun, any bullet, even BBs and pellets for air rifles, Illinois’ residents must grovel for a Firearms Owners ID card. I believe this “infringing” law is akin to regulations in Cuba. Go figure.

Arguably, if stiff gun-control measures worked, Chicago should be one of the nation’s most peaceful and serene cities. But it’s not.

Chicago is one of the nation’s, the world’s, most violent cities. In 2012, Chicago gangstas killed over 500 other Chicago gangstas and, horrifically, a number of innocent bystanders as well. Quite apparently, Windy City gangstas aren’t following Chicago’s gun laws – or any laws for that matter – which are some of the most restrictive in the country.

So, if very restrictive gun laws aren’t working, let’s approach the problem of curbing violence in other ways.


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