A New Revolution: Patriot “Daughters” Go to War

As DAR member Margaret Thomson says, “Where does ‘not offending’ someone stop? Do we eliminate crosses and the Stars of David from Arlington National Cemetery? Will a Daughter be told that she cannot wear a gold cross around her neck at DAR meetings because it might ‘offend’ someone? Will NSDAR’s Christmas tree and Christmas Open House be called the Holiday tree and the Holiday Open House?”

“I had just started the membership process in January. All my paperwork is verified and documents done, but I have stalled the process until this gets resolved because when I questioned this as a prospective member, not only the changes themselves, but also the process of how they were done, I was promptly chastised and then banned from the DAR Facebook pages, and all my questions deleted.”

~Jennifer Jones Beauford, Texas.

For the past month or so, I have received statements like Jennifer’s by members and prospective members of the “National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution” (DAR). Jennifer’s comment summarizes the controversy that has been surrounding the 123-year old organization for over a year.

Until now, my sources had been hesitant about revealing their identity to other news outlets. Fox News allegedly dropped this story because members reportedly refused to reveal their identity and wanted to remain anonymous. They didn’t want their concerns to appear as an attack on the NSDAR, but rather wanted the focus to remain on exposing the troubling changes taking place within the current administration. However, in the midst of my writing this article, several courageous women have come forward and granted me permission (for the first time) to use their names. Their hope is that other women will be made aware of the battle they are waging on behalf of their Judeo-Christian values and what they see as the proliferation of “revisionist history” within their organization.


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