Danish Champion of Free Speech Almost Assassinated

Lars Hedegaard, 70, a Danish historian and journalist was attacked by a murderous assassin whom Hedegaard described as a “typical Muslim immigrant” in his mid-twenties. Hedegaard heads the Free Press Society, which fights for journalists’ and cartoonists’ rights to free speech and was formed after the uproar from cartoons of Mohammed.

When Hedegaard opened his front door, the assassin, dressed as a postman, fired a bullet directly at his head. Only a couple of feet away, the bullet barely missed its target, and when Hedegaard punched the assassin, the gun dropped, whereupon the assassin grabbed it back and tried to shoot Hedegaard again, failing because the gun jammed. The assassin then escaped. Hedegaard is now living under police protection at a hidden location.

Interviewed a week after the attempt on his life, Hedegaard said:

We have had quite a few attempts to silence people here. [The Danish cartoonist] Kurt Westergaard was almost killed a couple of years ago by a man from Somalia who came to his house and broke into it with an axe and tried to kill him. We still have prominent politicians under police guard, the former leader of the Danish People’s Party Pia Kjærsgaard, and also the former Conservative politician Naser Khader, who is of Syrian descent, a liberal Muslim. And now me.

Hedegaard has just started to publish Dispatch International, which is tackling the issues EU, climate change, immigration and Islam, much to the chagrin of the Scandinavian media, which has remained silent. What has he gotten for his efforts? Being hauled into court for “hate-speech” two years ago, although he was unanimously acquitted.


Complete text linked here.

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