The Redcoats are here – but not to worry by Ted Nugent

As a free man whose forefathers tossed out King George by killing his soulless henchmen, I highly distrust and despise any person or government who would ban a gun based purely on its looks or because it can hold more than seven bullets. Americans should not trust a government that does not trust them with a basic semi-automatic rifle.

At the tender age of 64.3 years of age, clean and sober for all 64.3 years, my glowing quality of life comes from honing my spiritual radar to maximum efficiency through gung-ho discipline and addiction to the inebriating characteristics of a higher level of awareness. I kill dinner with self-propelled sharp sticks; there is no Plan B for this guitar player.

My spirit cup runneth over more voluminously than ever before, wrapping up the most joyful, ferocious rock ‘n’ roll tour of my life, as I celebrate the most venison-infested hunting season ever. I cannot help being a force to reckon with. I am so “we the people” I can’t help myself.

And I’m not so lovingly referred to as Mr. Deadend Brickwall, Door Slamming Czar because I acquiesce, retreat, whimper or surrender. Like my brother the American bison, I face and embrace the howling cultural and political storms of the day.

On a personal level I like the terminally liberal, limey, Redcoat sheep Piers Morgan. I’ve been on his CNN program talking about guns, ammo, freedom and hunting – things I live, that he knows zero about.

In order to raise his CNN bottom-of-the-barrel television ratings, Piers, like Obama, has been attempting to use the Newtown massacre to raise his pathetic non-ratings by resorting to a nightly attack on the Second Amendment, the NRA and so-called “assault weapons.”


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