Let me be free by Ted Nugent

Don’t believe what President Obama says about shooting skeet “all the time” at Camp David or that Vice President Biden believes you have the right to own a handgun or shotgun. At their core, these two socialists want more power and control. They don’t give a damn about your freedoms or your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Let me be perfectly clear: It isn’t any of your damn business what you think I need, what you don’t want me to have and what you think is good for me.

I’m a free man who can think for himself. I don’t need a bureaucrat to manage my life or legislate my freedoms away under the ruse of security or their twisted theory of an improved quality of life. I don’t visit Washington, D.C., because I’m allergic to soulless, terminally disconnected bureaucratic paper-pushing punks on parade.

For one free man to attempt to tell another free man what legal products he should or should not be able to own is the most gross and irresponsible bastardization of freedom I can imagine. But then again, I’m not a helpless, feckless, spineless, bloodsucking sheep waiting for direction.

Newsflash for the anti-freedom idiot brigades: You aren’t free if you want to handcuff the freedoms of others. What you are is a mindless sheep, an easily led lemming who can’t spell the word freedom much less define it.

What Sen. Feinstein, VP Biden or President Obama want is more control over Americans. These socialists and Marxists don’t care about mass murder. What they want is more control, their boots on our necks.

Liberals seek control by trying to convince us that central-planning bureaucrats know what is best for us. They don’t have any faith in individuals making decisions in their best interest. In fact, they try to convince us that without Fedzilla we would be helpless, too stupid and unprepared to care for ourselves.

Saul Alinsky, renowned commie, author of the 12 Rules for Radicals, Hillary Clinton’s mentor and hero and clearly one of the president’s guiding ideologues, would be proud of President Obama for using Rule 10 and 12 in promoting a ban on so-called assault weapons.


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