Ethnic groups in L.A. demand legalization of 11 million immigrants

Ethnic groups led by Latino organizations in Los Angeles on Thursday called for united actions to push forward a just immigration reform to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Salvador Sanabria, executive director of El Rescate

The call was made in response to this week’s announcements by US President Barack Obama and a bipartisan group of US senators known as the “Gang of 8” proclaiming that immigration reform is a national policy priority.

Group leaders announced the formation of a coalition to unite Asian and African communities, and called for immediate stop of family separation and status change from the beneficiaries of the Temporary Protected Status to Legal Permanent Residents.

Salvador Sanabria, executive director of El Rescate, told Xinhua that the immigration community supports Obama’s proposal on immigration reform. “But the thing is, we need to go to action,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) also urged to fix the broken US immigration system.

“We call on President Obama and Congress to exercise their leadership in passing immigration legislation that will honor the valuable contributions and sacrifices of immigrants throughout our nation,” said Stewart Kwoh, president and executive director for APALC.


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