Anti-Islamic moods grow in Europe

The root of the conflict is in the fact that the participants in it have lost interest in peaceful co-existence. Neither want any more compromises. European Muslims do not want a compromise because their new motherland permits them to live and behave as their ancestors always did. The local population does not want a compromise because, in their opinion, all commonsense in the conflict of the two civilisations has been lost.

German sociologists warn about the growing animosity for Islam on the part of Germany’s local population. They say that hostility for Muslims penetrates all social classes from the elite to those on the dole.

In most cases, contemporary German Muslims are sometimes the second, more often the first generation of Turks. They have done their best, sometimes defiantly, to distance themselves from the social and cultural traditions of their new motherland. Expert Vladislav Belov from the Institute of Europe is speaking:

“Islam in Germany is mostly professed by migrants, so the attitude to Islam usually means the attitude to migrants who have a different religion. This attitude is based on how the newcomers treat local culture and everyday life. If Muslim communities show disrespect for local ways, animosity will be on the rise. However, animosity as a mass phenomenon is unlikely.”

Europeans’ main complaints about Muslims are not associated with Islam itself. The first complaint is about welfarism because many migrants do not want to work. The second one is about disregard for local traditions and culture, which is to do with social, rather than religious, friction.

In response, Muslims accuse Europeans of discrimination in employment. In addition, Muslims believe that if they respect the law they have the right to profess their ancestors’ religion and perform all required rituals.


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