Progressive Professor Demands Death Penalty for Global Warming Skeptics and the Pope

It’s almost 2013 and that apocalyptic future seems to be getting closer and closer. Sure we have no flying cars, but we do have a creepy dystopian dictatorship sneaking up on us. Except it isn’t sneaking up anymore, it’s jack-booting its way around the halls.

“And then we put them up against a wall and shoot them”

Richard Parncutt is an Austrian professor of Music, which makes him an expert on global warming, who originally hails from Australia, but in true progressive style is ashamed of Australia. According to Dick, he is waiting for reconciliation with the aborigines to really happen “so that I can be proud of where I come from.”

Parncutt also hates Israel and Mormons, and wants a global wealth tax. And even though he is opposed to the death penalty in the case of mass murderers, he’s willing to consider an exception for people he really disagrees with.

Onward Discordia!

In this article I am going to suggest that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for influential GW deniers. But before coming to this surprising conclusion, please allow me to explain where I am coming from.

I have always been opposed to the death penalty in all cases, and I have always supported the clear and consistent stand of Amnesty International on this issue. The death penalty is barbaric, racist, expensive, and is often applied by mistake. Apparently, it does not even act as a deterrent to would-be murderers. Hopefully, the USA and China will come to their senses soon…


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