Second Grade Teacher Sick and Tired of ‘One-Size-Fits-All Curriculum’ Fearlessly Quits Job on YouTube

“The school system in which I had so much pride drastically changed. Rather than creating lifelong learners, our new goal is to create good test-takers. Rather than being the recipients of a rewarding and enjoyable educational experience, our students are now relegated to experiencing a confining and demeaning education.” Stephen Round

Second grade teacher Stephen Round, fed up with being forced to teach students how to be “good test-takers” instead of “lifelong learners,” tendered his resignation in a video posted on YouTube.

After being denied the dignity of reading his letter of resignation during a recent school committee meeting, the teacher decided to post it on YouTube instead, where he found a much larger and more receptive audience. It is unclear whether it was the content of his resignation letter that prevented him from being able to read it before the committee.

“It was purely frustration. It got the point where I can’t stand by and watch kids not learn, and I have the key to help them.” he said, reading from the letter. “They want us to follow the book to the letter.”

Round, who is a 13-year veteran teacher in the Providence school district, wants to go back to remedial tutoring.


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