Perspectives: Reading old books, an antidote to thought control

Modern political correctness is essentially economic Marxism that has been transformed into cultural Marxism. Its goal is to alter all the rules that govern interactions between people and institutions. It is based upon the premise that whatever controls our language also controls our thoughts.

We brush and floss our teeth to prevent dental decay. We exercise and eat a balanced diet to strengthen our bodies against disease. But what can we do to fortify our minds against those who seek to direct our thinking?

The need for intellectual preventative maintenance is as necessary today as it’s ever been.

Evidence of politically correct attempts at thought control has taken the form of rewriting Mark Twain’s classic books to inject a more “racially sensitive” dialogue. It is found in school curriculum with the Common Core State Standards call for replacing other classic works of American literature with approved “informational texts.”

It has been felt locally with demands to replace Dixie State College’s alleged racist history with a politically sanitized one in order to satisfy protesters’ calls for their brand of “progress.”

To understand how to protect ourselves from ideological bullying, we must first understand what is meant by political correctness.

Political correctness finds its roots in the dogmatic, party-dominated thinking of Marxism. As Doug Casey explains: “The Soviets had ‘political officers’ to make sure everyone thought — or at least spoke — in approved manners, not America. But political correctness has woven itself into American society over the last generation. We’re not allowed to say anything politically incorrect.”


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