Britain’s Fastest-Growing Independence Party Is Anti-European Union

Nigel Farage has campaigned for 20 years to get Britain to leave the European Union, and he now leads the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing political party, the Independence Party, which is gaining strength largely due to Farage’s anti-European Union message. Farage’s dislike of the bureaucratic governing body stems from the Union’s intent to do away with the sovereignty of European nations.

“What I did not understand was the sheer fanaticism behind the [European Union] project — there is nothing that will stop these guys,” Farage told the New York Times. “But what they have completely missed is the rise of identity politics.”

As Farage lambasts European Union bureaucrats who live lavish lifestyles funded by taxpayer monies and rails against their ambitions plans to “extend the sweep of European federalism,” his Independence Party has gained strength in Britain and has forced British Prime Minister David Cameron, of the Conservative Party, to deal with the Independence Party’s ascent.

According to the Times, “there is no disputing the Independence Party’s rise in Britain under” Farage:

In the 2009 election for the European Parliament, the Independence Party came in second to the Conservatives, taking 16 percent of the vote, and in 2014 many expect it to become the No. 1 vote-getter.

With Farage leading the charge, the “Independence Party in Britain is about to replace the Liberal Democrats as the third-largest political party behind the Conservatives and Labour,” which “heaps more pressure” on Cameron to deal with the rising anti-European Union sentiment.


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