Silence: The Death Knoll of Liberty

Never has there been anything more offensive to free speech than the indoctrination of this subversive manipulation of our rights to speak and think freely. Even being Pro-American is considered in bad taste. Obama and his handlers have made this an art form, effectively silencing the American people. They knew that they could push this agenda easily, because this was after-all, the election of our first Black President.

How can it be possible that the United States of America, the most powerful and benevolent nation in the world comes to a moment in time where 52% of Americans think that their country is heading in the wrong direction? This is a troubling percentage and yet those are the numbers that a Rasmussen poll published as of November 21st 2012.

Now, in my mind, this begs a question; how in the world did we get to the point where over half of Americans are saying that something is seriously wrong with the course that has been set forth by our leaders? If truth be told, most Americans are not feeling very optimistic that this will change anytime soon, if at all!

For too many years, Americans have been busy minding their own business. They have been living their lives and raising their families investing only blind faith in the belief that our elected leaders would always work with our country’s best interest at heart. Most thinking that our political system was failure proof. Sadly, we were just too busy to be bothered with our duty as citizens to stay vigilant.


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