Politically Correct Deputy Children’s Commissioner

Almost ten years after BNP Chairman Nick Griffin revealed that the widespread “grooming” of underage (mainly white) girls was being carried out by a disproportionate number of (Asian) Muslim men, the deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz has taken a further two years to come to a similar conclusion, no doubt at great public expense.

But a significant difference is that the deputy commissioner’s report goes out of its way to conceal this politically incorrect but factually correct truth, by apparently concealing the disproportion, insisting the “model” of Asian men abusing white teenage girls was only one among a wide range of unacceptable behaviour.

The report provided evidence of 1514 perpetrators of child sexual exploitation. Where the ethnicity of the perpetrator was provided, 545 were white, 415 were Asian and 244 were Black with 310 “undisclosed.

Assuming the “Asians” were actually Muslims of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin and account for 2.3% of the total UK population, then they account for 27% of the incidents.

Similarly, whites account for 36% and make up 85% of the UK population, then the Muslim group are 27/2.3 divided by 36/85 = 28 times more likely to carry out this offence than are the white British group.

28 times more likely to offend than a group of white British men!


Complete text linked here.

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