The “Sticks of Allah,” the Roubaix gang (Video)

A documentary to meditate. These facts go back nearly twenty years, but seem so close in terms of the tragic events this year, including Toulouse and Montauban.

Twenty years ago, appeared those who form what is now designated as the third generation of jihad. The documentary traces the Olivier Pighetti religious indoctrination Lionel Dumont and Christophe Caze, the two brains of the gang of Roubaix, two French converts to radical Islam. Nothing predisposed Lionel Dumont, latest in a Catholic family in Tourcoing, take a path extremist. If this is an idealistic character and life chances that place on the way Christophe Caze. Authoritarian and coldly determined, physician training quickly becomes his mentor.

Islam which they converted is their common ground. In 1990, Yugoslavia shattered. After Slovenia and Croatia, it was the turn of the Bosnian Muslims to assert their independence, to the detriment of Serbs and Croats. Behind the Bosnian camp: Americans who refuse to see a nationalist Serbia postyougoslave strong and ready to ally with a post-communist Russia that began its revival.

Western propaganda presents the Serbs as aggressors and bloody Bosnian Muslims as victims angelic, far from the facts, geopolitical realities and the simple truth. Caze and Dumont enlist to release their “brothers” in the Bosnian Armija of Alija Izetbegovic, the Islamist leader of the Bosnian Muslims, alongside international jihadists. They return seasoned fanatics, and ready to take action in France.


Complete translated text from French linked here.

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