Terrorist pipeline continues to flow from Minn. to Somalia

U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones said the federal government, which has poured countless resources into the investigation, considers the pipeline a huge concern of national security.

J. Chris Warrner, special agent in charge of the FBI’s office in Minneapolis, listens to Imam Hassan Mohamud, right, during a quarterly roundtable community meeting Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 organized by the Department of Homeland Security.

Four years after federal authorities in the Twin Cities began investigating homegrown recruitment for the terrorist group al-Shabab, at least two additional men slipped away to Somalia as recently as July.

Federal authorities believe the Minneapolis men joined the group and are still in the East African nation.

The FBI’s confirmation this week that a terrorist conduit continues to flow from Minnesota to Somalia perplexes members of Minnesota’s Somali community, who have watched with dismay as young men have disappeared.


Among those missing is 19-year-old Mohamed Osman, who once called a leafy little cul-de-sac in south Minneapolis home.

Inside his family’s two-story house, Osman’s older cousin, Jamal Salim, recalled when the family realized that Osman, who graduated last year from Southwest High School, was missing.

“One day we’re at home, like, ‘Where is Mohamed?’ ” Salim said. “It’s been two days, and we’re thinking he’s out with friends. The parents are going crazy. They think he’s got arrested or something.”


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