5 Questions with Ted Nugent by Brett M. Decker

Nugent: It is so very true that my birth city of Detroit was the cleanest, most neighborly, positive-energy, work-ethic epicenter of planet earth when I was born there in 1948, right on through to the 1960s. Enter the liberal death wish of Mayor Coleman Young and a tsunami of negative, anti-productivity policies by liberal Democrats that put a voodoo curse on our beloved Motor City.

Ted Nugent is a rock ‘n’ roll legend and conservative activist. Known throughout the world as the Motor City Madman, Uncle Ted has sold more than 40 million albums and performed well over 6,000 concerts. A long-serving board member of the National Rifle Association, he is a prominent advocate for hunting and one of America’s foremost defenders of the Second Amendment. Mr. Nugent, a Washington Times columnist, is the bestselling author of numerous books such as “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” (Regnery, 2008), “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery, 2000) and — with his wife Shemane — “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” (Regnery, 2002). You can find out more about the Nuge’s music, television programs, concerts and causes at tednugent.com.

Decker: Every time there is a tragedy and some lowlife shoots a bunch of people, the left goes on its own rampage to try to force arms control on everyone. Why does this gun-grabber reaction put Americans in more danger?

Nugent: The God-given, individual, U.S. Constitution-guaranteed right to keep and bear arms — like the natural, instinctive right to self-defense — is by any and all considerations a self-evident truth. The depth of mindless denial necessary to avoid these truisms is an inescapable indictment to the soullessness of liberal gun haters. Much worse than this horrid curse is the dazzling fact that all evidence concludes that their dream of “gun-free zones” is the environment where the most innocent lives are slaughtered every time. How in God’s good name anyone could possibly want more of these slaughter zones cannot be explained with a scintilla of decency, logic or common sense. Those in favor of banning guns and increasing the “gun-free zone” murderers’ dream are willfully complicit in each and every murder that takes place as a result of such insanity. In order to save the most lives, all we need to do is ban gun-free zones, the insane politicians that want them and the thugs who commit violent crimes. Instinct deniers are the real problem, not guns.


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