Citizen journalism YouTube channel to be launched

ITN Productions will launch a Truthloader channel which will feature content including eyewitness video footage.

ITN Productions in the UK and Euronews in France are to launch new YouTube channels as part of the platform’s original channels initiative.

ITN Productions confirmed this week that it would launch a new citizen journalism channel, called Truthloader, later this year, as part of the initiative, while Euronews will launch a Knowledge channel

The original channels initiative was first launched in the US in October last year. According to a list of the channels which fall under the YouTube initiative the news category already includes outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Slate News.

Now YouTube has announced further channels to be launched from outlets in the UK, France, Germany and the US.

According to a press release from ITN Productions, content on Truthloader will be curated by social media experts and journalists, to include eyewitness video footage.

Mark Browning, managing director of ITN Productions, added in the release: “There has been a huge focus on the power of online citizen journalism – from the Japan tsunami to the Arab Spring – but how do viewers know they can trust what they’re watching?”

“With Truthloader, our experts will separate truth from fakery and bring the very best in eyewitness accounts to audiences worldwide.”


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