EU pay foreigners to get British jobs

Thousands of young jobless Europeans are to get travel expenses and moving costs to come to work in Britain.

The European Commission will pay £250 to help hopefuls get to an interview — and £830 to cover relocation costs if they are offered a job.

Brussels claims thousands will find work under the taxpayer-funded initiative.

Critics fear it will see youngsters from countries with high unemployment flock to the UK, where ONE MILLION young Brits are jobless. The scheme, for those aged from 18 to 30, aims to match jobseekers with suitable jobs.

It is being piloted in Spain — where youth unemployment exceeds 50 per cent — Germany, Denmark and Italy, but the Commission plans to extend it EU-wide.

Moving expenses vary from £500 for Bulgaria to up to £1,000 for Denmark. Jobseekers can claim 1,000 euros — £830 — if they get a job in the UK.

The Get Britain Out campaign condemned the scheme.

Spokesman Tim Aker said the fact it was taxpayer-funded was “astonishing”.


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