1959: Reds and Sympathizers Get Film Industry’s Green Light

“The responsibility lies entirely with the producers. All of them who did business with Reds and Fifth Amendment Reds are interested only in the dollar – not their country.” Ward Bond

Reading Eagle – Feb 8, 1959

Hollywood’s Fifth Amendment witnesses and alleged Communist sympathizers, driven underground for more than a decade, have been given the green light by the film industry to seek legitimate movie jobs again.

The main reason: To wipe out embarrassing traffic in contraband scripts. That there has been a sizeable market for “hot” scripts, nearly everybody in the industry agrees.

“I’m appalled by the trade in black market scripts,” said director George Stevens, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards Oscars every year. “Shady commerce is dangerous. People who have such dealings are not true to any political philosophy except gain.”


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