Dying for nothing in Afghanistan? by Roger Hedgecock

In a recent speech, Gen. Kelly lamented that “America as a whole today is certainly not at war, not as a country, not as a people. Only a tiny fraction of American families fear all day and every day a knock at the door that will shatter their lives.”

Roger Hedgecock laments ‘needless’ slaughter of ‘best of this generation’

Seventy-five American military service members have been killed by Afghan soldiers or policemen of the Karzai regime, 40 Americans dead at the hands of our “allies” this year alone.

We should all worry for our brave military personnel in the never ending war in Afghanistan where American dead average one per day.

For what purpose have these Americans died? At first, war aims seemed clear, the sacrifice necessary.

After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Afghan Taliban government refused to hand over Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the attack, who was sheltered there. President George Bush, with the consent of Congress, ordered the American military to invade Afghanistan, destroy al-Qaida and topple the Taliban regime.

Within a short time, bin Laden apparently escaped into Pakistan, al-Qaida was damaged and scattered but not destroyed and the Taliban regime was toppled but began a long guerrilla war against the Western alliance led by the U.S.

Today, nearly 11 years later, the aims of America’s longest war ever are missing in action. Hundreds of billions of dollars we did not have are gone. Worst of all, Americans are still dying in Afghanistan.


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