N.J. Jury Rules Black Supervisors Discriminated Against White Corrections Officers

“They were called, ‘crackers,’ ‘white devils,’ ‘onions,’ which we learned was an epithet used by one individual supervisor to refer to white people,” said attorney Gina Mendola Longarzo. According the attorney Kara MacKenzie, the officers were also called “white boys, country boys” and “good ‘ole country boys” by both co-workers and supervisors.

New Jersey Corrections officers Joe Milutin (L) and Bob Healey (R) won over $3 million in damages in their reverse discrimination suit.

A New Jersey discrimination suit has been settled with two white corrections officers winning against the state’s Department of Corrections.

The outcome of the lawsuit is seen as a big win for corrections officers Joe Milutin and Bob Healey. Both were awarded more than $3 million in damages.

“I’m happy. I was vindicated and that’s all that matters,” Healey said.

Milutin, meanwhile, told CBS 2?s John Slattery on Thursday that he felt “relieved.”

The two men had charged that over several years, they were harassed by black corrections supervisors, who allowed black inmates to abuse them at the Bordentown Boot Camp Jail.

“I had racial remarks used against me, I’ll leave it at that,” Healey said. “It was demeaning.”

His attorneys said the two officers were subjected to a litany of slurs by black supervisors.


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