The Cowboy Code And The New California (with Bonus Video)

Sondoval-Marin spoke up quickly. “Roy Rogers? He doesn’t mean anything. There’s a revolution going on out there and it don’t include no Roy Rogers or Bob Hope.”

From 2003:


Well….there you have it—an honest statement of how some Mexicans (especially those living in California illegally) view their country’s quest to reclaim what they call Aztlan.

Sondoval-Marin didn’t mince words. She didn’t offer up any phony-baloney stuff like LULAC, the United League of Latin American Citizens with the American flag pasted all over its home page. And she had the common sense not to insult us like the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund does by including “American” in its name.

Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, whose records topped the charts for two decades and whose image adorned 2.5 billion boxes of Post cereal, is ancient history—among what LeDuff refers to as “the new immigrants”- in other words, illegal aliens.

Sondoval-Marin’s attitude is a stellar example of one of my biggest gripes about the Mexican invasion. They’ll come, live here, work here but when it comes to demonstrating enthusiasm for things American—forget it!

Late last spring, in a heated exchange chronicled in VDARE.COM, I was in the crosshairs of a couple of local MEChistas who masquerade by day as Tokay High School teachers. They called me some very rude names.

And, in my California gubernatorial campaign, I got my share of vile e-mail. Our adversaries can really string together four letter words!

Okay, abuse goes with the territory. This is, as the Soprano Family likes to say, “the life we have chosen.”

But I cannot—will not!—permit anyone to diss my childhood heroes Rogers, Gene Autry or Hopalong Cassidy.


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