Race riots media won’t talk about (Video)

“I wrote the book for one reason: to convince the deniers that we have an epidemic of racial violence in this country, and we have to recognize it.”

It’s one of the least reported and most alarming trends in recent years the mainstream media and politicians won’t talk about: The rise of black mob violence in U.S. cities across the nation.

The startling wave of brutality leaves behind battered victims while media and political figures consistently downplay the severity of the attacks.

That’s the focus of the book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” by author Colin Flaherty, who is also a radio host, former speech writer for the first black chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and a special correspondent for WND.

In a radio interview with WND’s Greg Corombos, Flaherty explained why he has been documenting this surge in mob violence.

“I started hearing about what the newspapers were calling ‘flash mobs’ and teenagers walking around downtown Philadelphia,” he said. “It happened over and over. I looked at YouTube, and what I saw on YouTube was totally different than the antiseptic version I read in the newspaper.


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