Illegal immigrant protestors arrested at Arpaio racial profiling trial

The demonstration appears to be orchestrated by the grassroots community-based group called Puente, that sent out a statement for the four and is collecting funds for their bail.

There was more drama outside the Susan Day O’Connor federal courthouse in Phoenix than inside the courtroom Tuesday — where Sheriff Joe Arpaio said his office did not make arrests based on people’s “color of their skin” — as about 50 people demonstrated in the street, including several illegal immigrants who had come willing to be arrested.

Four immigrants with no legal status were handcuffed and taken away by city police after they blocked a nearby intersection, with an unfurled a banner that read “No Papers, No Fear,” for about an hour. Each one sat on one corner of the banner and chanted “Dignity is fighting here. No papers, no fear.” with the crowd.

They all knew they were going to be taken into custody and issued a statement beforehand.


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