Flash Mobs ARE Obama’s America

On November 8, 2011, I had a post that looked at the Occupy Wall Street movement and traced it back to our Organizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama. I posited that somewhere between his unceasing class-warfare and his disdain for America’s economic system, were the foundations for these protesters. Protesters who marched in the streets of New York, painted anarchy symbols on bank signs in Oakland, and did violence to one another in Cleveland, Ohio.

Occupy Wall Street was Obama’s America, and to the degree that the movement remains viable, it still is a picture of Obama’s America.

But it’s claim to fame was challenged over the weekend when flash mobs in Portland, Oregon and Jacksonville, Florida stormed into an Albertsons grocery store and a Wal-Mart to wreak havoc. As with the Occupy movement, property was destroyed, innocent bystanders were taunted, and in at least one of the incidents, physical violence was done to others.

Although the flash mobs are constituted by a much younger crowd, they too represent Obama’s America. They are an in-your-face demonstration of the lawlessness, the recklessness, and the disrespect for property produced by Obama’s socialistic policies.

But in either case, Occupy Wall Street or flash mobs, if you think it’s bad now, just think of what it will be like if Obama gets four more years.


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