Holder vows fight for civil rights at La Raza meeting

“It’s particularly nice to be outside of Washington, D.C.,” Holder said. A member of the audience shouted, “We love you!” “I love you back,” Holder said. “It’s been an interesting few weeks in Washington.”

Attorney General Eric Holder addresses the National Council of La Raza on Saturday at the Mandalay Bay convention center. Holder said the struggle over racial equality isn’t over in the United States.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Saturday told an Hispanic civil rights group that the nation’s fight to ensure racial equality, fairness and justice for all “remains far from over” and he vowed to step up prosecution of those who discriminate against Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities.

He thanked the National Council of La Raza for leading the way for decades to protect Latinos and other disenfranchised immigrants and Americans. And he said President Barack Obama’s Justice Department would work hard this election year to ensure voters have equal ballot access no matter their heritage or race.

“Our nation’s struggle to overcome injustice and eliminate disparities remains far from over,” Holder said, speaking to a luncheon audience of 1,850 people on the opening day of the four-day conference in Las Vegas. “We have further to travel on the road to equality.”

The nation’s first African-American attorney general, Holder was the keynote speaker at the conference of the largest U.S. civil rights organization representing Latinos, a rising political power in Nevada and the nation. In general, Hispanics are a Democratic-leaning voting bloc that could decide the White House race.


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