The Big Picture Cracks the Obama Code

This comprehensive account examines the entire scope of Obama’s presidency and exposes the president’s ceaseless appetite for Big Government and centralized authority.

The Big Picture is a diligently and thoroughly researched tour de force of the Obama record. With hilarious and penetrating insights, this hard-hitting, no-nonsense guide to the Obama presidency connects the dots between the Obama Administration and its full-throttled assault on all the issues.

The Big Picture covers a broad spectrum of material, including:

The #1 reason why America cannot afford Obama’s second term

The biggest mistake of Obama’s presidency…thusfar

Obama’s true motivation for insulting traditional allies while coddling traditional enemies

How the Obama administrations is intentionally undermining our financial system

Obama’s most outrageous foreign policy snubs

The myth of what Obama “inherited”

The alarming extent of Obama’s Muslim outreach

Multiple patterns of Obama’s management style that repeat themselves again and again


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