Bryan Stow Suspects Wanted to Blame ‘Big White Dudes,’ Tape Shows

Another fake “Hate Crime” to cover up beating: They talked about telling their lawyers that they had been set upon by a “gang” of “big white dudes” who were harassing Sanchez’s son and his sister, Dorene, Norwood’s fiancee.

Audiotape of the two suspects in the 2011 Dodger Stadium beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow revealed that some of the most damaging evidence against the men came from their own mouths.

The release came the same day that Superior Court Judge George Lomeli determined that prosecutors have enough evidence to try the two.

In a jail cell the day after their arrests, the suspects in the assault expressed amazement at the evidence detectives had amassed against them, with one remarking that police “know everything, bro” and the other saying, “Wow, we’re done.”

“How much time do you think we are going to get?” one suspect, Marvin Norwood, asked.

“A lot,” replied his alleged accomplice, Louie Sanchez.

A transcript of the July conversation recorded by jail authorities was made public Friday.

Placed together in a holding cell as they awaited a police lineup, the men immediately began comparing notes about the evidence against them in last year’s opening day beating of Stow. Norwood, who had met with investigators, said detectives had tracked down photos of them at the game, questioned people who had seen them in the parking lot where the altercation occurred and interviewed Sanchez’s 10-year-old son.


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