‘Right-Wing’ 24hr News Channel Debuts in Canada (Video)

To promote its launch, news anchor Krista Erickson posed in a hockey jersey on the cover of affiliated Sun newspapers while Toronto Sun columnist Peter Worthington said it would “not to be intimidated by political correctness.”

From the AFP:

OTTAWA — Canada’s first right-wing 24-hour television news network was launched Monday promising to shake up Canadians‘ views on politics and the day’s events.

But the Quebecor-owned Sun News Network assailed by critics as “Fox News North” continues to suffer from staffing slip-ups and still has not sorted out its distribution.

The specialty channel aims to “challenge the English Canadian TV news establishment,” Quebec media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau said last year when he unveiled plans for the network.

“Far too many Canadians are tuning out completely or changing their dials to American all-news channels,” he said. “Quebecor sees an untapped market opportunity in English Canadian TV news.”

Sun News Network said it would provide Canadians with “hard news” during the day, and opinion and analysis in evening broadcasts, or as its slogan touts “hard news and straight talk.”


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