Islamists Attack a Conference on Immigration in Britanny

Philippe Milliau, who organized the meeting, concluded with reflections on the demographic reality that is at the heart of the migration problem. He noted that by 2050, Europe will account for only 5 percent of the world population, whereas Africa and especially sub-Saharan Africa will have doubled or tripled in population.

One hundred fifty people from all over Brittany gathered in Vannes Saturday afternoon for a conference on immigration that was streamed live over the Internet. This was the first meeting of its kind that united three different and often conflicting strands of the movement: supporters of Breton independence, partisans of a strong French state, and those who want a united Europe. As we will also see, the conference was attacked by a band of Islamists.

Jean-Claude Empereur, one of the speakers, reminded the audience that for the first time in history, Europeans are faced with a policy of demographic substitution. “The primary role of the sovereign,” he said, “is to protect the people,” adding, “the word ‘protection’ has disappeared from the political vocabulary but is now returning.”

Christine Tasin, head of Republican Resistance and a supporter of the traditional strong French state, argued that only the state has the means to enforce a coherent and effective policy on immigration. This view was not shared by Padrig Montauzier, editor of War Raok: the Voice of the Breton Nation, and a strong partisan of an independent Brittany. “Only those deeply rooted peoples with a strong ethnic sense can be the true ramparts against this invasion,” he said. “Only they will recognize the danger and take the necessary action.”


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