The Battle is at Our Front Door by Major General Paul E. Vallely

General David Richards, the British chief of staff, in the understatement of the week, says the strategic landscape is “worrying” and the outlook “bleak.” The United States as the world’s strongest geopolitical player has become ungovernable, saddled with a dysfunctional Congress. House and Senate together, with 535 members, maintain 250 committees and subcommittees and micromanage muscular government decisions into unworkable policy directives.

General Sir David Richards

Yes, America; you are watching the suicide of a great country due to the actions of Mr. Obama and his Progressive Socialist supporters, followers, union and radicals, and his ardent admirers in the press and Hollywood.

They are destroying the country through corruption and ineptitude and are not giving up on fundamentally changing America. We must understand that they have an “Agenda” and are implementing it.

However, I am finally sensing that Americans are starting to wake up and the winds of a new revolution are swirling to save the country. We are in the Battle for America.

In fact, much as I have been saying for quite some time, Arnaud De Borchgrave, UPI Editor at Large, in a recent article stated:

“Alarms are ringing as negative trends come together in a perfect storm. Is the United States sleepwalking into economic and geopolitical decline?” Arnaud carefully lays out the crisis.


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