Scott Brown: Harvard Lied to the Feds About Warren’s Cherokee Ancestry

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) called on Harvard University today to correct the record on Elizabeth Warren’s false claims of Cherokee ancestry. Harvard claimed for years to have a Native American woman on the faculty in federally mandated diversity statistics, based on Warren’s claims about her own heritage – claims that have fallen apart under scrutiny.

“She falsely describes herself as a minority and some of the schools where she worked relied on that information to misrepresent the diversity of their faculty,” Brown said to the Boston Globe. “I call on Harvard President [Drew] Faust to immediately correct the record with the relevant federal agencies and uphold Harvard’s 400-year-old tradition of abiding by the truth.”

Despite Brown’s prior demands that Harvard come clean about its use of Warren for federal diversity purposes, Harvard has stonewalled.

Warren, for her part, complains that Brown is somehow attacking “my family.” Brown responded today, “I’m highly offended that Elizabeth Warren would accuse me of attacking her family when I have done nothing of the kind. To make that kind of wild and baseless charge is disturbing.”


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