Mich. Prof. Praises Unabomber as a ‘Prophet’ & Potential ‘Savior’ of Humanity (Video)

“In a sense he had this larger cause, which is a noble cause. If it turns out to be true that there is this vital threat to the planet or to humanity, there’ll be no doubt that Kazcynski was right, that the technological system is a kind of mortal threat.” David Skrbina, a lecturer at U of M-Dearborn

Unlike that school in North Carolina, we at The Blaze believe everyone has the right to free speech. However, we also believe that just because you have the right, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should say whatever is on your mind.

For instance, we’d advise against publicly referring to Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, as a “very rational” modern day “prophet.”

Why? Because Kaczynski’s currently serving a life sentence for murdering three people with mail bombs, that’s why. It’d be like going to a cocktail party and opening up with an anecdote about how charming you think Ted Bundy is. Just don’t do it.

But despite his incarceration, and despite the fact that he’s nicknamed the “Unabomber,” David Skrbina, a lecturer at U of M-Dearborn, argues that the infamous domestic terrorist offers a “very rational” critique of modern society.


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